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Minimal Incision, Epidermal Cyst, Philtrum, Dr George,

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Dr George
Dr George
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⁣Minimal Incision, Epidermal Cyst, Philtrum, Dr George,

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babbs2 0 1 year ago

Wow, he really had a lot in there. Looks like the encapsulation was removed so it won’t come back

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KimmyDFrampton 0 1 year ago

Good Lord... that was a lot of stuff!

6    0 Reply
DevilsDaughter 0 1 year ago

Definitely was not expecting to see that much come out! Lol

5    0 Reply
Old70Angel 0 1 year ago

Couldn’t believe how much was in there! Good job at cleaning it all out!

4    0 Reply
LittleToe 0 1 year ago

Omg where was he hiding all that pus!!!!

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