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⁣So, smarty pants podiatry person foot shames a medpro about not taking care of a recurrence of a ganglion cyst because medical professionals never take care of themselves – a narrative she keeps throughout the video.

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⁣The Toe Bro helps a man with something in his foot that the ER couldn’t find.

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⁣Be not afraid, Grasshopper, this will only take a minute.

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⁣Two new videos from PTZ favorite Microscopic Zit Extracting Videographer (say that ten times fast! lol!), Russ has a little fun with his editing software… so great ready to git your poppin’ groove on! 😉 Thanks, Russ!!

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⁣Doctor Lalit has a new video, but this one isn’t a pimple! It’s a mole removal – he gets rid of the mole really quick. It’s supposed to be painless and scarless. I wish I knew what this method was called. Hopefully Dr. Lalit has some new whitehead or blackhead videos soon, but for now, enjoy this mole removal!

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⁣I was googling for a new Dr. Derm earring back removal video this morning, and I’m always so happy when I find one! Here’s a video of our favorite Dr. Derm removing a lodged earring backing. It’s stuck! Dr. Derm really has to use care and precision to get this baby dislodged. He never runs out of material to give us on YouTube!

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⁣A blood blister getting popped.

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⁣Please tell me what is it

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⁣Biggest spliter ever seen

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