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⁣This is currently my favorite pus/sebum/keratin expression. Dude has these massive bumps on his ear that his friend drains for him. Just one of them has a seemingly endless supply of goo.

DISCLAIMER: The ‘patient’ is kind of a pussy because he doesn’t want the other 2 bumps drained, which is a total let down, but the one that they actually do kinda makes up for it. Enjoy…

Tóc Công Sở Hà Tĩnh
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⁣Joy! We haven’t seen a good earwax removal video in quite awhile! Due to some strange combination of lighting, microscopic vision and reflection of the metal ear cup, the wax has a particularly pretty golden sheen to it.

Never thought I would call earwax “pretty”… but you’ll see what I mean.

Maybe he was mining for gold. Maybe this is where gold really comes from and the ENT’s are keeping it a huge secret. Gee, that would put a whole new spin on the historical California Gold Rush!