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Hand abscess

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Drainage of a hand infection.

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LisaMichele1968 7 1 year ago

Looks like that abscess was on a child’s hand, poor guy ! I know that hurt in a big way. So glad to see they put him under for this procedure

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Patricia Haaker
Patricia Haaker 0 1 year ago

How did this happen? It takes time for an abcess to form and even in the early stages, inflammation is present and is a red flag. Parents really should have noticed the this.

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pclifford7 2 months ago

I agree!

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Sara 0 1 year ago

Poor baby!! It’s so hard to watch babies go through this. My heart goes out to the parents of this little one.

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brexeus 0 8 months ago

poor little guy I hope that they got it all so that it doesn't come back

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Joebiden 0 11 months ago

They should chop it the hell off!

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