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Hilton method for abscess (Incision & Drainage)

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Hilton's method of drainage of an odontogenic abscess.. Buccal space Subcutaneous
Incision and drainage helps:
1-To get rid of toxic purulent material.
2-To decompress the oedematous tissues.
3-To allow better perfusion of blood,containing antibiotic and defensive elements.
4-To increase oxygenation of the infected area.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Tishreen University , Lattakia --Syria
Dr.Osama Makkia - Ompero 2014

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Damenickum 0 2 years ago

Great procedure but terrible camera angle. Was not. Able to watch abscess being drained.

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Pamiam 0 1 year ago

🤮 how in the crap does anyone let something grow that large before going to the dr???

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Alisha Grant
Alisha Grant 11 months ago

Sometimes it starts small. But it literally can triple in size overnight. It's insane how the human body can do that.

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Cynthia Shapiro
Cynthia Shapiro 0 1 year ago

Too many hands in the way.

7    0 Reply
anneclarke 0 1 year ago

Way too many gloved hands in the way!

3    1 Reply
HarleyQ42086 9 1 month ago

Great Video!!

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