Ingrown Hair

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⁣Pulling an ingrown hair

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⁣Ingrown hair plucked 4k UHD

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⁣ShiryuLugosi Ingrown Hair

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Location: Saint Louis, Mo
Jada Kennedy L.E
I'm just an Esthetician who like popping bumps on women Privates parts and men chin. I'm not a doctor nor do I think I know everything. I recommend you do your own research.

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Ingrown hair extractions

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⁣Extracting ingrown hair

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Watch as I do extractions on MYSELF.

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This is a patient with hidradenitis suppurativa. A chronic condition that causes blackheads, ingrown hairs, scar tissue, sinus tracts, and the formation of purulence. Thanks to my patient for sharing her unique case. Getting all those ingrown hairs out is going to make a huge difference in the amount of inflammation she has had there. Stay tuned we will do a follow up at mrpopzit live in the near future. Thanks for popping by! MrPopZit #dermatology #dermatologyphysicianassistant #physicianassistant #medicaleducation #ingrown #ingrownhair #cyst #mrpopzit #mrpopzitlive

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Enjoy our latest video on removing the blackheads

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⁣Today we have a beautiful ingrown hair removal video to share with you. Take a look at the longest ingrown hair ever recorded. As we can see in the video, this guy has curly hairs that easily can turn into the skin and cause an infected cyst. In order to prevent such ingrown hairs in this kind of hair type, one needs to avoid shaving.

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IMPORTANT: Do not do this with a non-sterile needle.

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This young woman has been suffering because of ingrown hair on the bikini line for years. Miraculously, the lesions produced by the hair (furuncles) hardly have left permanent scars. Fortunately, she has decided to solve this problem with Electrolysis. However, before beginning permanent hair removal, all trapped hairs need to be removed. Only in this way, her skin will have a beautiful and healthy look as if there had never been a single hair.

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This video will teach you how to remove ingrown hairs if you suffer from it. It is not easy to do it to yourself, but with a little practice and a lot of patience you will get.
In the recording you can see scabs in many of the hairs that I am about to remove, they are due to failed attempts by the client a few days before. This is not serious, nor leave a scar. The only drawback is that this little trauma to the skin did not help because as you can see, the hairs were still trapped under the skin.

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