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Nasty EAR Blackheads Revealed

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⁣Welcome blackhead lovers! Here is a special video, one of its kind, with some nasty ear blackheads. It is quite rare to find such popping massive blackheads on someone’s ear, which makes the blackhead treatment process hard. For this reason, special tools are used. No more words. Just watch, relax and enjoy these little worms being squeezed and cleaned out.

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coldmani 8 7 months ago


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herbtaster 5 months ago

hi 🙂

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Patricia Haaker
Patricia Haaker 0 7 months ago

Squeeze first and avoid bleeding and leaving scar tissue when healed. Less trauma. Looks like it hurts like hell, but it is better in the long run, especially within the tight space to manipulate instruments effectively.

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floorwax84 10 2 months ago

More please!

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Sissygirlisno1 10 3 months ago

Good job! Good squeezing,,,,,,

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Kmcmillen 0 3 months ago

Wow that is amazing . It looks like a ball of dead skin when it comes out??

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