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Remove big CYST and SUC 20 years (344) | Loan nguyen

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Loan Nguyễn
Loan Nguyễn
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remove big cysts and suc 20 years (344) | Loan nguyen

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ashleykthompson1125 0 8 months ago

I’m sure it wasn’t more fun for the person, but it was more fun watching it dug out vs. cut out!!!

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Woody 0 9 months ago

Her continual starting and stopping makes things worse, once the contents starts to come out keep the pressure on until drained, because that way you dont have to continually re-poke the opening and then start squeezing again. The least amount of doing all that would be far better...

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Pimply 8 19 days ago

Put both your thumbs and both your forefingers on either side of that goo bomb, and squeeze……

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babybunny 0 19 days ago

Love to watch these cysts "erupt". Especially when a piece flies out to who knows where!

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Patricia Haaker
Patricia Haaker 0 7 months ago

I don’t think techs. are allowed to make incisions which is what is needed here. Not good technique/idea for the size of this cyst.

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