Abscess Boil

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Hilton's method of drainage of an odontogenic abscess.. Buccal space Subcutaneous
Incision and drainage helps:
1-To get rid of toxic purulent material.
2-To decompress the oedematous tissues.
3-To allow better perfusion of blood,containing antibiotic and defensive elements.
4-To increase oxygenation of the infected area.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Tishreen University , Lattakia --Syria
Dr.Osama Makkia - Ompero 2014

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⁣OMG!! Huge Abscess Drain On The Foot!!

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Cleaning and draining a boil on my arm.

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⁣This pus plug removal looks small but you will be amazed by its content. The staph infection pus plug looks like an ingrown hair has been trapped and got infected by skin bacteria due to bad hygiene. This has led to the tremendous amount of cheese and pus that you will see in the video which, honestly, looks amazing and satisfactory.