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Drainage of Infected Epidermal Cyst

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This cyst was infected for a month and was so irritated that the contents can be seen already starting to evacuate before any procedure was initiated. About 1/2 cup of infected soft keratin was drained.

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JCF82 9 1 year ago

All I could think was, “what about the hair that kept getting pushed in the wound”, “why didn’t he clean it out first?”, and eew!

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Pamiam 9 1 year ago

Wow! That was a lot! But I hate packing too. I never watch that part. I bet she felt better w/o that pressure!

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Biggirlswagg205 10 9 months ago

I was thinking about her hair. Ewww all that stuff on it. But I know she was feeling better with all of that other stuff out of it out of her neck

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Tra68 9 10 months ago

Wow lots of gunk, but why so much packing?

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MillieLion 7 months ago

I was wondering why so much packing too. I've never seen someone make the skin bulge with packing like that before.

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Lisamc 0 12 months ago

How sanitized is ie when you DON’T keep the hair out the way and as you put in the medicated gauze, your also including her hair?

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