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Amusing and Pleasant Cyst Explosion

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⁣Welcome cyst popping fans to another never-ending cyst on this man’s cheek. A cyst explosion is the only way out and it is done under anesthesia by a professional. The most common cause is a hair entrapment under the skin which leads to the build-up of sebum and dead debris. In the video, a small cut is made because the cyst got hard and cannot get squeezed from such a little hole. Enjoy and relax with this cyst treatment.

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Lisasuhr 0 2 years ago

You need to cut all the way through the dermal layers to get to the contents of the sac. You cause much more trauma to the skin, and more pain to the patient, if you don't make a deep enough cut. Goodness, he must be suffering through this!

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AquaSnail Jones
AquaSnail Jones 9 9 months ago

These spas are only allowed to extract contents. They leave the sac for licensed dermatologists. The cut is shallow because anything else is considered surgery and they are not permitted. They extract like this per customer request. This was very full of firm contents and the pressure, pain, itching and TMJ issues the placement could have caused is relieved for now

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Lisamc 0 1 year ago

I know his cheek feels better

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Roxie 8 months ago

Aside from all of the deep tissue bruising that's likely to occur from how hard she pushed for so long

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QueenBiich 7 1 year ago

can you imagine that relief

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k1LL4k4M 0 2 years ago

USE A REGULAR TWEEZERS. No need to squeeze so hard, hole blocked with sack wall… remove and continue on 🙄

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magmount514 2 years ago

Thanks for the medical advice Doctor

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