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Endless Content from Pus Plug Infection

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⁣This pus plug removal looks small but you will be amazed by its content. The staph infection pus plug looks like an ingrown hair has been trapped and got infected by skin bacteria due to bad hygiene. This has led to the tremendous amount of cheese and pus that you will see in the video which, honestly, looks amazing and satisfactory.

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Luvrsq 0 1 year ago

Please wipe less, squeeze mor,e good video otherwise

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Carol Balint
Carol Balint 0 1 year ago

To much wiping and way to many responses from the popper

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Lisamc 3 12 months ago

If you’re going to pop a white head of whatever color, then pop it squeeze it and move on! Stop being squeamish and get the job done!

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Pimply 8 1 year ago

A perfect example of what can be potentially left in blemishes that can be extracted by pushing a little harder and in different areas. It sis not look like there was much left after the second squeeze. A lesser technician may have moved on and deprived us of the four satisfying squeezes that followed. Not to mention the well being of the patient. 7/10.

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Katwb89 0 2 years ago

Good video I like the puss plugs. Great Job!

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