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Biggest Boil Ever, MRSA Infection Pt.1

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Cleaning and draining a boil on my arm.

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Just4me 3 1 year ago

Total wasted 9 minutes an 15 seconds

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Graniteguy 0 1 year ago

Well that sucked

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jframes 0 1 year ago

what a waist of time! I want my 9 min. back of my life. my yorkie was sleeping next to me while I was watching this video. I kept looking around my room and at my dog wondering who the hell was breathing so darn hard! he's probably going to end up with a nasty cellulitus from picking the boil with dirty tweezers!! smh

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Pamiam 1 1 year ago

What a waste of time

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peter_schrantz 0 1 year ago

If that was part 1 , where is part 2?

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lperk 1 year ago

I'd like to know also..??? Pt 1 showers absolutely nothing! Sorry but very poor video

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