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Stop right here for the worst sebaceous cyst ever recorded Private

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⁣I have wonderful news for you all. The worst sebaceous cyst ever is seen in this video, and the question is: is it the best infected sebaceous cyst removal video? The answer is yes. Take a look at the huge brown content been squeezed out. This is an old cyst, and to be more precise the content is made of semiliquid keratin, a protein that our body develops for hair and nails.

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Helenlee9691 0 1 year ago

Open the wound more to empty to wound .

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kcampbell100 10 1 year ago

Big cyst, I don’t think the biggest, but a good watch. 👍

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Nancyjsmith93 10 1 year ago

Satisfying video only I would have opened it more to get it out quicker and smoother.

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StarShopping 1 year ago

They explain in the video, but they're aestheticians not dermatologists. So they're "legally" not allowed to open it too much. Though I've seen other aestheticians open more.

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Danana 0 12 months ago

Wouldn’t it be less traumatic to the tissue to make a larger opening and not squeeze so hard?

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Aditivepops 9 12 months ago

Her hands must have been very sore the next day. I don't have see how his back was not extremely sore after all that pushing for almost 2 hours.

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