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Ear Blackhead

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⁣large blackhead in a man’s ear.

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Nickdanger 7 8 months ago

If they had cut that piece of skin in the middle the blackhead would have been faster and easier to remove

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ladytiger 0 11 months ago

Very patient clinician and very, very patient patient. Getting that large beast out of the ear was amazing. I just love the way the needle nosed tweezers are used in repeated circles around the edges of the lesion until the blackhead just gives itself up! You are then free to go in and gather what sebum remains. Good stuff!

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Zitmom 0 11 months ago

Beautiful job getting it out of there in just 2 pieces!

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SplitERin2 0 25 days ago

Lol, f**k it man just clip the center brace holding it in. Ears are surprisingly resilient.

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floorwax84 8 5 months ago

Very patient, gentle, nice job!

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