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MUST SEE!!!!endless puss,massive explosive cyst

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⁣the cyst that never ends! super gross puss and endless drainage.MUST SEE

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Kolie Patrick
Kolie Patrick 0 1 year ago

I cant believe they are closing that space up. It needs to be packed at the very least. No wonder it is recurring.

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rbex 7 months ago

Exactly it should have been packed and covered with non stick dressing then large amount of gauze and pressure bandage crazy.

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LisaMichele1968 10 1 year ago

OMG 😱 this is just insane, crazy ! How can someone leave it to get that big ? WOWZA ⁉️

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Patricia Haaker
Patricia Haaker 10 1 year ago

Believe it or not, these things can be present and totally silent; they can get huge and contain up to a liter of liquid nasty stuff. The scars you’re seeing are the upper trunk, but there isn’t enough landscape to identify exactly where.

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Trephining 11 months ago

A liter? Really? I can hardly imagine what the person must feel like after that has been removed.

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bobbie70583 10 1 year ago

This is the stuff I like watching

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Josefina 0 1 year ago

The best!!!!!!!

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