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Sensitive! Guinness World Record Largest Pimple Extracted

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⁣⁣Attention viewers, a Guinness world record largest pimple is seen here. Watch responsibly the Guinness world record biggest pimple with an amazing new technique. This patient has 4 inflamed pimples which are taken care of with anesthesia. Once the pimples are squeezed, a tool that acts as a suction cup is used to extract any further content.

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Itsme23 0 11 months ago

Wouldn’t it be great if she emptied the pores? I’d really love that

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marcia2026 0 10 months ago

Far be it from me to disagree with the Guinness committee, but I believe these are milia, not pimples. And I never saw a suction cup at all. Not sure what to make of your headline and description.

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karine 0 10 months ago

im sorry but but if you do job like this its normal you make monney because they have to come back because you dont do your job like it suposed to be done

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Brownsugerleo 26 days ago

Exactly! Incomplete and the sac left behind.

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Shitbag 0 11 months ago

In early 1900s women in Vietnam would grow these cysts as beauty marks

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Linny 0 11 months ago

Suction cup?

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