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Pocket full of Pebbles cyst. One of a kind pebble pop! You’ve never seen a pebble cyst pop before.

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This patient had a very painful calcified cyst on her eyebrow. It was removed months ago and grew right back even bigger. We are going deeper to make sure we get every last piece to ensure it doesn’t grow back. Very unique cyst pop. Multiple rock hard 1mm pebbles come pouring out when I apply pressure. You can see how easy it would be to leave a little pebble in there. I was very thorough and went down to the fat tissue to ensure every part of the capsule and pebbles were removed. Patient was very happy to have this painful bump removed. First ever pebble pop. Cyst pop. Calcified cyst. Pilomatricoma. Dermatology surgery. Cyst excision. If you like what you see make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell. Tons more content coming soon! MrPopZit.

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MzBunny76 9 5 months ago

Me like!!!!

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