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Erupting Volcano Cyst new 2023 video

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⁣Back with another Tiktok cyst popping video. This one is HUGE and erupts like a volcano cyst new 2023 video. The cyst popper had to mitigate the spray for a second. This is a lot of cyst ooze and I bet it smelled terrible. I hope they got the cyst sac at the end, but it seemed like this was being handled by a professional, so I will assume it did. Too bad we couldn’t see it.

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marissarosel86 0 2 months ago

I mean I just gotta say Doctor that you do a great job as always, but do you always have to be such a D*CK when it smells bad?? How do you think that makes your patient feel??
It’d make me feel like a huge pile of SH*T if I had been your patient.
I constantly hear Doctors on these type of videos ranting about people waiting too long to go to the doctor and take care of stuff like that, well who wants to go to the doctor to have it taken care of when you have a Doctor that makes comments like you do?? NO ONE

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Mham_40 2 months ago

Well said. 👏

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JarheadRoe 22 days ago

Your mom isn’t a dick when I spray her down with white stuff…

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Puffystuff 0 2 months ago

Nice pop but STOP with the advertising of your products already! Banners all over the place while trying to watch a video.........just stop

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Mham_40 0 2 months ago

Your bedside manner is what really stinks. It’s really awful. And it’s not fun anymore. And you should feel bad for bringing such crummy bedside manner to your patients. Sound familiar 🤔

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Christian Hudgins
Christian Hudgins 0 2 months ago

Terrible bed side manner Dr but otherwise great 😊

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Samantha Rodriguez
Samantha Rodriguez 9 2 months ago


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