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Abundant Variety of Ga Spa Blackheads

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Ga Spa
Ga Spa
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⁣Get ready to enjoy Ga Spa blackheads into this 55 min video with Ga Spa acne. In this entire video, we have the chance to observe blackheads being popped with plenty amount of gunk. And yet this delicate technique used here by the professional offers to the viewer a pleasant and abundant satisfying moment.

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Sleepy50 0 7 months ago

Excellent extractions, complete pore cleaning, relaxing

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AquaSnail Jones
AquaSnail Jones 1 18 days ago

I can usually look beyond bad technique for when I want to just watch the pops but between this tech digging their nails into the acne to pop and ripping apart that nose with the circle tool--causing severe bruising and bleeding, I just can't deal with this. Atrocious. Patient should get full refund and have any medical expenses covered.

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WatchesAllPops450 9 14 days ago

Takes the time to do much better job at getting all the pus & dead skin cells out from each blackhead removed! Good job!

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trishthedish65 9 1 month ago

Great extractions!

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Okie64 10 2 months ago

Very nice extractions, she made sure they were cleaned out!!

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