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⁣Just a few different types of pops all compiled into one. Interesting and enjoyable!! Blackheads, whiteheads, a cpl of cysts….just good popping! Have fun!!

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Wobba 0 2 years ago

I just don't understand how you let your skin get that bad. I know Asians have sensitive skin but HOW do you not see these pores or try and treat them with basic stuff yourself?

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Ldyluv902 0 2 years ago

Deepest pores I ever seen!!! Great and satisfying video

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Jodistorlie 0 2 years ago

I truly loved this video. The best blackheads being squeezed from those large pores! Bravo!!

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Clbenncar 0 2 years ago

Deep pores! Wonderful job!

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Damenickum 10 2 years ago

Wow, huge white heads blocking pores!!

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