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Severe case of inflamed cystic acne popping

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⁣Welcome to another cystic acne removal video 2021 series and we are here to present to you a cystic acne popping. The type of cyst seen here is categorized as severe, due to the inflamed cysts that are seen on the cheek. In such cases, cyst extraction is helpful to clean the face, but to eradicate the acne, medication is needed to alter the mechanism of excess pus created.

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TylersMiMi 0 1 year ago

I dont think the guy went deep enough to actually get in the cystic acne

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Janice Newlan
Janice Newlan 8 months ago

Exactly right!

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brexeus 4 months ago

exactly what I was thinking

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Lanib 0 1 year ago

He needs a real dermatologist

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dnt4get2luvme 0 1 year ago

Looks like a staff infection

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AreEmBe 1 year ago

Staph, correctly. And I agree. A real doctor should be dealing with this.

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SallyFrances 0 1 year ago

This person looks to be in pain and suffering, I found it hard to watch. I only saw little sections. It looks to need more specialist treatment and local anaesthetic.

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QueenBEJ 1 1 year ago

He definitely needs a doctor! God bless this poor guy.

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