Unusual Popping Huge Blackheads and Pimples

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sharon hipkins
sharon hipkins
7 months ago

why do you not squeeze a second time when there is still matter in the pore?

Rhonda J Collins
Rhonda J Collins
5 months ago

Those are the BLACKEST blackheads I’ve ever seen. The tech doing this is NOT getting all the matter out of many of the pores–you can SEE stuff sticking out, and one more squeeze would have gotten all of it. I don’t understand are a) why all the people (or most of them) doing this do one pore at a time, then scrape it off and go to the next, when many times it would be SO much more efficient and easier to squeeze 5 or 6 of them in one area, THEN scrape them all off. But what bugs me the most is when they so obviously leave matter in the pore. Otherwise, a good video.

Irene Nevins
Irene Nevins
4 months ago

Find this so relaxing.

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