About us

Welcome to www.pimple.tv! We are a website that helps skincare clinics showcase their work and offer customers a very good experience. We created Pimple.tv with the idea of helping skincare practices to gain more views for their videos. Pimple.tv is a website based in Germany and we want to offer clinics a great way to promote themselves and also earn money from their videos.

Our website covers videos about skin treatments in general, such as removing blackheads, treating acne, and many others. Why did we choose the name Pimple.tv? In Netherlands this means brave, and the idea is that you will be attracted to make similar videos and upload (put) on our site even if you don’t have any experience with similar videos.

If you’re representing a skincare clinic and you want to show samples but also get paid for them, then we are here to help. All you have to do is to create an account, upload the videos to our website, and enable monetization or you can ask for donations instead.

One thing is certain, you get to have a great video portfolio on our website and a wonderful way to make money at the highest possible level. We work with more than 30 clinics already and we are always inviting new ones to come in. Our focus is to help you get immediate access to a platform where you can monetize your videos adequately, while also showing your patients what you can provide.

Pimple.tv has been established since 2019 and we are ever-growing and offering customers the best solutions on the market. We are firm believers that nothing is impossible and working with us can really help you in more ways than you imagine.

In addition, Pimple.tv also comes with a comprehensive blog. On our blog, you can read content about how you can protect your skin, eliminate many skin problems, and really focus on your wellbeing. It’s imperative for us to help you get the protection and assistance you need. All you have to do is to work closely with us and we guarantee that you will obtain a very good experience every time.

Don’t hesitate and contact us if you want to upload your skincare videos to our platform or if you want to educate patients through blog posts. We are here to help you monetize your videos and expand your reach to access new patients!